Brindol Characters

Kerden Jaarmath, Lord of Brindol
Lord Jarmaath is a lean man with a short, well-trimmed beard, graying hair, and wrinkles that don’t quite belie his thirty-five years. He is widely admired as a just and fair ruler.

Verrasa Kall, Lady of the Mercantile House Kaal
The leader of a wealthy merchant family, Lady Verrasa Kaal is slightly older than Lord Jarmaath (thirty-seven) but remains vibrant and young in appearance. Rumored to be the most cunning person in Brindol, she is fond of wearing her bright red hair in extravagant styles and always dresses in costly and elegant courtier’s dresses. It’s a commonly held belief that if she wanted to cash in all the favors and loans the rest of Brindol owes her, she could whisk rulership away from Lord Jarmaath in a matter of hours. There’s certainly no love lost between the two.

Tredora Goldenbrow, Shining Servant of Pelor
Tredora Goldenbrow is the local high priest of Pelor and the most prominent cleric in Brindol. She is also one of the town’s most recognizable faces; as a deva, her ethereal beauty has left many worshipers in the throes of a hopeless infatuation. Her relationship with Lord Jarmaath is an open secret in Brindol; no one speaks openly of it, but everyone knows the two are lovers.

Lars Ulverth, Captain of the Lion Guard
The leader of Brindol’s Lion Guard is an imposing man with a pronounced limp in his left leg, the remnant of a wound received in a tragic battel with and orge, in which his lover was slain. Lars stubbornly refuses to have the old wound magically healed.

Immerstal the Red, Foremost wizard of the town

Rillor Paln, Guildmaster of the Black Knives

Eldremma Axenhaft, Merchant and provisioner

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Brindol Characters

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