Overland Travel

Player characters can sustain a normal walking pace for 10 hours of travel a day without tiring. The Base Overland Speed determines the distance a character can travel in a day, an hour, or a minute. Difficult terrain and weather can reduce the amount of ground the characters can cover during his travels, but mounts and vehicles can significantly increase their speed. A group of travelers moves at the slowest traveler’s pace.


Travel Along the Roads

Much of the Vale’s prosperity and success can be attributed to the well-maintained and defensible roads which connects every major and minor settlement to one another. Travel by road is, in fact, the quickest and safest choice for most travelers in this region.

Below are a group of tables which show the distances between most towns and villages in the Elsir Vale. The values provided are not meant to be precise, but rather to give the players a rough estimate to determine how long it would take their characters to travel from one town to the next.


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Overland Travel

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