ZZ Red Hand of Doom

Welcome to the Elsir Vale!

The afternoon sun beat down relentlessly on you; the air was hot and still. The sparsely settled central plains of the Elsir Vale were starting to grow monotonous, the dusty road seemingly endless. A few miles ahead of you was Drellin’s Ferry, the westernmost village of the Vale. It’s a settlement on the borders of the Witchwood, and the best place from which to begin exploring the nearby forest.

It was only a week ago that you set out from Brindol, commissioned by Lord Jarmaath to investigate the rumors of goblin war drums in the western hills, particularly near the village of Drellin’s Ferry, where the locals have complained about marauders moving in the woods nearby. When you set out, he provided each of you with a pouch of gold and silver coins, along with precious potions of healing donated by the Cathedral of Pelor.

Since that time, you’ve passed through several flyspeck towns—Talar, Nimon Gap, and Tarrelton—and heard vague rumors of goblins along the way. Folks speak of trouble in the Witchwood, which enjoys an unsavory reputation even during the best of times. But Lord Jarmaath doesn’t traffic in rumor—he wants hard proof of the goblin presence, and he was willing to pay his scouts well for it.


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